Sound of Madness (White)

Sound of Madness (White)

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Multi-platinum rockers Shinedown present a career-spanning vinyl reissue campaign in 2021 with colored pressings of Leave a Whisper (2003), Us and Them (2005), The Sound of Madness (2008), Amaryllis (2012), Threat to Survival (2015) and Attention Attention (2018). Shinedown - Brent Smith [vocals], Zach Myers [guitar], Eric Bass [bass, production], and Barry Kerch [drums] – has sold more than 10 million albums and 10 million singles worldwide, has 11 platinum and gold singles and four platinum and gold albums, and 14 No.1 active rock hits. Each of Shinedown's 24 charting singles on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs Chart has reached the top five – an unparalleled feat.

Shinedown's face-melting rock comes as no surprise, considering that the band hails from sultry Jacksonville, Florida. The band's third album, The Sound Of Madness, opens with lead single "Devour," a heavy onslaught of ripping guitars and relentless drums that would not sound out of place on a Guitar Hero soundtrack. The double platinum affair was their biggest and most fully realized effort yet, yielding the multi-platinum single "Second Chance" and the platinum single "If You Only Knew."

  1. Devour
  2. Sound of Madness
  3. Second Chance
  4. Cry for Help
  5. The Crow & The Butterfly
  6. If You Only Knew
  7. Sin With A Grin
  8. What A Shame
  9. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
  10. Breaking Inside
  11. Call Me

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