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Soup (Import)

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The ‘90s are littered with rock albums that will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come. And there's one group whose albums from the decade can easily stand among their peers, the woefully underrated Blind Melon. Perhaps due in part to a career cut so tragically short that they never properly received their deserved accolades, 1992's Blind Melon and 1995's Soup (as well as a posthumous outtakes collection, 1996's Nico) sound as invigorating today as they did when they first appeared.

Despite high expectations, the group's sophomore release, 1995's Soup, was panned by critics upon its original release. Over the years however, the album has rightfully become recognized as one of the decade's most underrated rock gems, spawning such standouts as "Galaxie," "Toes Across the Floor," and "Mouthful of Cavities." However, just over two months after the album's release, frontman Shannon Hoon died while on tour from a drug overdose, at the age of 28.

Gatefold 180g vinyl LP with 4-page booklet featuring lyrics.

  1. Galaxie
  2. 2X4
  3. Vernie
  4. Skinned
  5. Toes Across The Floor
  6. Walk
  7. Dumptruck
  8. Car Seat (God's Presents)
  9. Wilt
  10. The Duke
  11. St. Andrew's Fall
  12. New Life
  13. Mouthful Of Cavities
  14. Lemonade

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