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20th Anniversary 180g 2LP Reissue with Bonus Tracks!

Barenaked Ladies celebrate three decades of music in 2018 with a summer tour and special edition of their most successful album, Stunt. Originally released in July 1998, their fourth and most successful studio album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard chart and was certified 4x platinum in both the US and Canada and gold in the UK. Lead single, "One Week," was a breakthrough for the band in America, hitting No. 1, selling more than five million copies and earning a Grammy nomination. Other standout tracks include: "It's All Been Done," "Call And Answer," and "Light Up My Room." The band recorded "Alcohol" completely naked, continuing a tradition it started with its first album, Gordon. The 180g 2LP version of the Stunt: 20th Anniversary Edition includes the two bonus tracks "She's On Time" and "Long Way Back Home."

  1. One Week
  2. It's All Been Done
  3. Light Up My Room
  4. I'll Be That Girl
  5. Leave
  6. Alcohol
  7. Call and Answer
  8. In The Car
  9. Never Is Enough
  10. Who Needs Sleep
  11. Told You So
  12. Some Fantastic
  13. When You Dream
  14. She's On Time (bonus track)
  15. Long Way Back Home (bonus track)

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