The Argument

The Argument

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Fugazi The Argument on LP + Download

Originally issued in 2001, The Argument is the sixth and final full-length from influential Washington D.C. post-hardcore group Fugazi led by Ian MacKaye, formerly of Minor Threat and Embrace, and also featuring guitarist/vocalist Guy Picciotto, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Jerry Busher. Recorded at famed Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia with Don Zientara and released on MacKaye's own Dischord Records, home to all six of the band's studio albums, The Argument came four long years after End Hits which was thought to be the band's last due to its evocative title. Despite the layover and their impending doom, the invigorating 11-track set finds the group at their musical peak challenging convention while balancing melody and texture like never before. Home to the diverse and dynamic swan songs "Nightshop," "Ex-Spectator," "Full Disclosure" and "Epic Problem."

1. Intro
2. Cashout
3. Full Disclosure
4. Epic Problem
5. Life and Limb
6. The Kill
7. Strangelight
8. Oh
9. Ex-Spectator
10. Nightshop
11. Argument

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