The Empire Strikes Back (Symphonic Suite)

The Empire Strikes Back (Symphonic Suite)

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John Williams wrote this suite for concert performance, and then worked with the National Philharmonic Orchestra to bring that experience to record. This fantastic long out of print album is reissued here on 180g LP and comes housed in a gatefold jacket with the original iconic Star Wars paintings by William Stout and images of John Williams, plus notes from author Ray Bradbury, composer and critic, Christopher Palmer, and the maestro himself. The Empire Strikes Back: Symphonic Suite has been out of print since its original pressing in 1980.

  1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
  2. Main Title / The Imperial Probe
  3. Luke's First Crash
  4. Han Solo And The Princess
  5. The Asteroid Field
  6. The Training Of A Jedi Knight And "May The Force Be With You"
  7. The Battle In The Snow
  8. The Imperial March
  9. The Magic Tree
  10. Yoda's Theme
  11. The Rebels Escape Again
  12. Lando's Palace
  13. Finale

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