The Greatest Generation - Green Clear w/ Black Splatter [Explicit Content]

The Greatest Generation - Green Clear w/ Black Splatter [Explicit Content]

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Green inside clear with black splatter anniversary. Originally released in 2013, The Greatest Generation, the third full-length from Philadelphia pop punk legends, The Wonder Years, is considered one of the best pop punk albums of all time. Railing against the tired tropes of what elder generations claimed the "millennial" generation looked like - participation trophies, safe spaces, and misguided beliefs that empathy made you weak/infantile, The Greatest Generation, was written with the idea that only we could shape our narrative, define our success and failure, and set our own expectations. 10 years after the original release, The Greatest Generation, is unequivocally awarded one of the 50 greatest pop punk albums in history (according to Rolling Stone) and is known as the bands' seminal release that has stood the test of time.

  • 1 There, There
  • 2 Passing Through a Screen Door
  • 3 We Could Die Like This
  • 4 Dismantling Summer
  • 5 The Bastards, the Vultures, the Wolves
  • 6 The Devil in My Bloodstream
  • 7 Teenage Parents
  • 8 Chaser
  • 9 An American Religion (FSF)
  • 10 A Raindance in Traffic
  • 11 Madelyn
  • 12 Cul-De-Sac
  • 13 I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral

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