The Greatest Hits – Spice Girls

The Greatest Hits – Spice Girls

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It's not too far fetched to say that the Spice Girls rejuvenated the British pop market with a verve and swagger not seen since the days of Beatlemania. True, Britpop was in its pop phase when they burst onto the scene with their single "Wannabe" making them overnight sensations – becoming household names took a week – but that style while vital to the independently minded was pretty much an all-male preserve. The Spice Girls catered for the all-important younger end of the market, and their parents but it was impossible to escape them or ignore them.

Their debut album Spice, a canny amalgam of R&B, dance and teeny bop pop, took the concept of Girl Power to arenas – having filled those they would soon be filling stadums. They made records and broke them. Spice was a No. 1 in 17 countries and went 10x Platinum in the UK alone. The rest was hardly icing on their sweet cake either. America made them 7x Platinum and Europe, Canada and Australasia all crumbled thereafter. Spice sold nearly 30 million copies on its own and the next three albums ensured they'd become the best selling female group of all time. Brilliantly managed and marketed by Simon Fuller and Virgin it goes without saying that everything they did thereafter turned to Gold and beyond.

Considering the Spice Girls' 2007 Greatest Hits collection was released seven years after their third and final studio album, Forever (2000) the fact it still sold seven million copies is testimony to the durable nature of Girl Power. Available for the first time on vinyl, the special edition picture disc contains no less than four top 10 smash hit singles including "Wannabe," "2 Become 1," "Spice Up Your Life," "Viva Forever," "Goodbye" and many more. The double sided picture disc comes packaged in a die cut sleeve, with 12 "x 12" insert.


  1. Wannabe
  2. Say You'll Be There
  3. 2 Become 1
  4. Mama
  5. Who Do You Think You Are
  6. Move Over
  7. Spice Up Your Life
  8. Too Much
  9. Stop
  10. Viva Forever
  11. Let Love Lead The Way
  12. Holler
  13. Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
  14. Voodoo
  15. Goodbye

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