Tougher Than Leather

Tougher Than Leather

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Released in 1988, Tougher Than Leather followed Run-DMC’s massively successful third album Raising Hell and furthered their innovative, aggressive, and hard-hitting sound that defined the hip-hop scene of the 1980s. From the incredible lead single, “Run’s House” to their cover of The Monkee’s “Mary, Mary,” Tougher Than Leather features a slew of incredible hits and is essential listening for any fan of classic hip-hop. Tougher Than Leather blends Run-DMC’s infectious, charismatic flows and heavily sample-based production with hard-hitting raps, soaring choruses, and rapid-fire delivery. Stand out tracks include “Run’s House,” “I’m Not Going Out Like That,” as well as “Beats to the Rhyme,” a story-based cut that stands as an anthem to hip-hop.

  • 1 Run's House
  • 2 Mary, Mary
  • 3 They Call Us Run-D.M.C
  • 4 Beats to the Rhyme
  • 5 Radio Station
  • 6 Papa Crazy
  • 7 Tougher Than Leather
  • 8 I'm Not Going Out Like That
  • 9 How'd Ya Do It Dee
  • 10 Miss Elaine
  • 11 Soul to Rock and Roll
  • 12 Ragtime

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