Tribes (Clear)

Tribes (Clear)

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In 1976 Rolling Stone called prog-rock pioneers Crack The Sky 'one of year's most impressive debuts.' Today, 40+ years later, the band releases a new studio album entitled Tribes, due out in January 2021. The title track speaks volumes about modern society's perpetual cultural divide, wherein each side believes its inalienable right to champion the only opinion that matters. On Black Friday Record Store Day, Crack The Sky will release a limited edition clear  vinyl double album version of the album, months before its wide release, as a Black Friday exclusive. Side 4 of the album includes bonus tracks from Crack The Sky's catalog, not available on the digital or CD versions.  


  1. Tribes
  2. Another Civil War
  3. Dear Leaders
  4. Blowing Up Detroit
  5. Quick
  6. Another Beautiful Day
  7. All My Innocence
  8. Drinking Myself Sober
  9. Stranger In Strange Land
  10. We Dont Know
  11. Alligator Man
  12. Boom Boom
  13. The Lost Boys
  14. From The Greenhouse
  15. Skin Deep
  16. Long Nights
  17. The Beauty of Nothing

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