Under the Table and Dreaming

Under the Table and Dreaming

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Dave Matthews Band's 1994 major label debut Under The Table And Dreaming introduced the Virginia-based quintet to a national audience with an alternative, folk-tinged approach to pop/rock music that resonated in a post-grunge world. DMB earned early acclaim as independent artists for 1993's Remember Two Things, which captured the band's diverse sound in a mostly live setting. This led to a deal with RCA Records, who paired them up with acclaimed producer Steve Lillywhite, whose eclectic work included collaborations with U2, The Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel and The Pogues. Home to the landmark DMB anthems "Ants Marching," "What Would You Say" and "Satellite," Lillywhite's crisp approach in the studio was an intriguing complement to the band's loose and easygoing but intricately-arranged song styles, making for an album that satisfied longtime fans while attracting new listeners.

1. The Best Of What’s Around
2. What Would You Say
3. Satellite
4. Rhyme & Reason
5. Typical Situation
6. Dancing Nancies

1. Ants Marching
2. Lover Lay Down
3. Jimi Thing
4. Warehouse
5. Pay For What You Get
6. #34

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