Vulgar Display of Power

Vulgar Display of Power

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Pantera's 1992 masterwork Vulgar Display of Power is arguably the heaviest album ever to debut at # 1 on the Billboard charts and proved that heavy metal still had its place in the era of alternative rock. True to its title, Vulgar Display of Power is a raw and unrelenting depiction of rage and hostility, brought to a head by the pummeling guitar riffs of the legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell and the militaristic snarl of Phil Anselmo. Songs like "Fucking Hostile," "Walk," "This Love," and "Mouth for War" remain amongst the most prized cuts in the metal canon.

Having long commanded upwards of $100 for a vinyl copy on eBay and long out of print on LP, Warner Bros.' impeccable analog reissue of Vulgar Display of Power is cut from the original analog masters and boasts extraordinary sonics that present the punchiness, definition, impact, and edges that have forever been absent on all prior editions. This pressing lays waste to the flat-sounding CD and will challenge the limits of any stereo system. Amazing!

"As for the sonics? The improvements are tenfold. Songs are airier, punchier, and more immediate. The soundstage boasts deeper grooves and better instrumental separation, which adds to the overall musical impact as Pantera’s brief pauses serve to amplify and augment the aggressive passages. Vinnie Paul’s bruising percussion booms, the snare and bass drum coming across with muscularity and presence."
--Bob Gendron, TONE Audio, Issue 29 

Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Track Listing:

1.  Mouth for War        
2.  A New Level    
3.  Walk    
4.  Fucking Hostile    
5.  This Love    
6.  Rise
7.  No Good
8.  Live in a Hole
9.  Regular People
10. By Demons Be Driven
11. Hollow

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