Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies

Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies

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The Pixies Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of The Pixies on 2LP

One of the most revered college-radio bands of the late 1980s and early '90s, the Pixies combined smart yet surreal pop with jagged, punk-influenced rock and, oddly enough, broke up just as the alternative music scene went mainstream. Fueled by Black Francis's oft-maniacal vocals and bizarrely catchy songs, the Boston-based quartet, rounded out by bassist/vocalist Kim Deal, guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering, consistently crafted fascinating albums during their brief but headstrong run. This 23-track collection, released in tandem with their highly anticipated 2004 reunion tour, captures many of their finest moments.

Proceeding semi-chronologically, Wave Of Mutilation begins with the rambunctious ditty "Bone Machine." Other early gems include the strange anthem "Holiday Song," the anthropomorphic ode "Caribou" and Deal's signature song, "Gigantic." The band's beloved 1989 album, Doolittle, is amply represented by seven songs, including the pleading "Hey," the mischievous "Monkey Gone to Heaven," the fierce "Debaser" and the pop-perfect "Here Comes Your Man." Latter-day tunes include rockers such as "Dig for Fire," "Alec Eiffel" and "Planet of Sound," along with two B-sides, "Into the White" and an excellent cover of Neil Young's "Winterlong." If you're looking for the Pixies motherlode, this is it.

The Pixies Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of The Pixies Track Listing:

1.  Bone Machine
2.  Nimrod's Son
3.  The Holiday Song
4.  Caribou
5.  Broken Face
6.  Gigantic
7.  Vamos
8.  Hey
9.  Monkey Gone To Heaven
10. Debaser
11. Gouge Away
12. Wave Of Mutilation
13. Here Comes Your Man
14. Tame
15. Where Is My Mind
16. Into The White
17. Velouria
18. Allison
19. Dig For Fire
20. U-mass
21. Alec Eiffel
22. Planet Of Sound
23. Winterlong

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