White Pony

White Pony

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Originally released in 2000, White Pony is the third album by the Deftones and follow-up to 1997's Around the Fur. The album marks a significant growth in the group's sound and finds the band incorporating new wave/shoegaze influences into their signature alt-metal mix. Generally regarded by fans and critics alike as Deftones' most mature outing, "Passenger" includes a guest appearance by vocalist Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle while fellow standout "Elite" was awarded a 2001 Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

1. Feiticeira
2. Digital Bath
3. Elite
4. Rx Queen
5. Street Carp
6. Teenager

1. Knife Prty
2. Korea
3. Passenger
4. Change (In The House of Flies)
5. Pink Maggit

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