Long Lost (Indie Exclusive, Colored Vinyl, Blue)

Long Lost (Indie Exclusive, Colored Vinyl, Blue)

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Lord Huron presents their fourth studio album, Long Lost. The band has often tried to uncover the past of their studio, Whispering Pines, without much success. Instead, they decided to imagine what has gone on in the studio, who has passed through, and that is how Long Lost was created. Featuring the singles "Not Dead Yet," "Mine Forever," "I Lied" and "Love Me Like You Used To." LP Packaging: Opaque Custard/Blue mixed color vinyl; gatefold jacket.

  • 1 The Moon Doesn't Mind
  • 2 Mine Forever
  • 3 (One Helluva Performer)
  • 4 Love Me Like You Used to
  • 5 Meet Me in the City
  • 6 (Sing for Us Tonight)
  • 7 Long Lost
  • 8 Twenty Long Years
  • 9 Drops in the Lake
  • 10 Where Did the Time Go?
  • 11 Not Dead Yet
  • 12 (Deep Down Inside Ya)
  • 13 I Lied
  • 14 At Sea
  • 15 What Do It Mean?
  • 16 Time's Blur

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